Cultivate Your Retirement Dreams with Strategic Planning

At Misthos Group, we redefine retirement planning, transcending traditional approaches to achieve a future of financial security and fulfilment.

  • Proactive steps

    With the landscape of retirement constantly evolving, it's crucial to take proactive steps now.

  • Pension transfers

    Comprehensive assess the options available to non-UK residents for your pension assets.

  • The UK State Pension

    Ensure that you access your basic pension provision, even when you are not living in the UK.

Pursue Your Retirement Dreams with Strategic Planning

Our elite Advisors meticulously tailor retirement strategies to your unique aspirations, ensuring you navigate the complexities with confidence. 

The earlier you start planning for retirement, the better, Misthos Group provides a clear and comprehensive financial needs analysis.

When is the best time to start retirement planning?

The best time to start planning is now, regardless of your age. Early planning allows you to leverage the power of compound interest and provides more time to fine-tune your strategy, but it's never too late to begin making informed decisions for your retirement.

How can your advisors help me with retirement planning?

Our advisors offer personalized retirement planning services. This includes evaluating your financial situation, understanding your retirement goals, and helping you navigate your retirement options. They assist with investment strategies, tax planning, and adjusting your plan to align with changes in your life circumstances.

What should a comprehensive retirement plan include?

A comprehensive retirement plan should include strategies for savings and investments, an estimation of retirement expenses, understanding of income sources like pensions and social security, healthcare planning, and tax efficiency strategies. It should be a dynamic plan that adapts to your changing needs and goals over time.

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Maximize Your Pension Potential through Strategic Transfers

Accumulated pensions from various sources? Consider optimizing your strategy with a full review from our Advisers. For international professionals with a UK pension, now is the opportune time to explore pension transfers. Boost tax efficiency, address Final Salary Scheme risks, and gain investment freedom.

Our pension experts guide you through understanding the terminology, risks and benefits, recommending options aligned with your retirement goals.

Don't let the potential of your pension savings go unrealized. Contact Misthos Group today for a comprehensive pension review and take a proactive step towards a more secure and fulfilling retirement.

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Qualifying Recognized overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS)

Top Five Benefits

  • Tax Efficiency: QROPS can offer tax benefits, particularly for expatriates. Depending on the jurisdiction, it may offer favorable tax treatment compared to UK pensions.

  • Currency Flexibility: QROPS allows for pension savings to be held and withdrawn in different currencies, reducing currency exchange risks for individuals living outside the UK.

  • Estate Planning Advantages: QROPS can offer more flexibility in how pension assets are passed on to beneficiaries upon death, potentially providing more favorable inheritance tax implications.

  • Investment Freedom: QROPS often have broader investment options compared to UK-based pensions, giving individuals more control over how their pension funds are invested.

  • Avoiding UK Pension Changes: Being outside the UK pension system, QROPS are not subject to changes in UK pension legislation, which can be beneficial if UK pension rules become less favorable.

Self Invested Pension Plans (SIPPS)

Top Five Benefits

  • Investment Choice: SIPPS offer a wide range of investment options, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and commercial property, providing more control and customization over investment choices.

  • Flexibility: SIPPS allow for flexible contributions and withdrawals (subject to regulations), which is beneficial for individuals with varying income streams or changing financial circumstances.

  • Tax Relief: Contributions to SIPPS are eligible for tax relief at the individual's highest rate of income tax, providing significant tax advantages.

  • Consolidation of Pensions: SIPPS allows for the consolidation of multiple pension pots into one scheme, making it easier to manage and potentially reducing management costs.

  • Control over Retirement Age: SIPPS offer flexibility regarding the age at which you start taking retirement benefits, providing more control over retirement planning.

Neil Thorpe - Executive Wealth Manager

"I love seeing the self assurance in my clients that comes with understanding the plan they've made for their future."

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