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    Our experienced Advisers with empathetically guide you through the process of putting a Will in place.

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    We emphasise the critical importance of strategic legacy planning.

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    Complex estate planning requires professional consideration to navigate legal complications and administrative stress.

Secure Your Legacy with Misthos Group

Others may provide nudges about establishing a Will, but we offer a dedicated, comforting approach. While legal binding is with a solicitor, our handheld guidance ensures you understand what's necessary. Don't wait, take steps to protect your loved ones today.

Trust planning may sound complex, however, our Advisers will break through the jargon to simply explain the processes. From the simple Trust required to avoid Probate, saving your beneficiaries potential delays in receiving their entitlements, to more complex Inheritance Tax planning, Misthos Group can conscientiously shepherd you through.

Types of Trusts for Inheritance Tax (IHT) Planning

Bare Trusts

Beneficiaries control the assets at 18 years old, with assets treated as part of their estate for IHT purposes.

Interest in Possession Trusts

Beneficiaries have the right to income generated by the trust during their lifetime.

Discretionary Trusts

Trustees have full discretion over the use of income and sometimes capital, offering flexibility for IHT planning.

Accumulation and Maintenance Trusts

Designed for beneficiaries under 25, allowing income accumulation and distribution at a specific age.

Pilot Trusts

Set up with a nominal sum, allowing addition of assets upon death, potentially taking advantage of multiple Nil-Rate Bands over time.

Life Interest Trusts

Beneficiaries benefit from income or use of the assets for their lifetime, with capital passing to others upon their death.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wills and Trusts

Our Commitment to Your Peace of Mind: At Misthos Group, we provide clear, compassionate, and confidential advice on estate planning. Our commitment is to help you make informed decisions about your legacy and future.

Why is it important to have a will?

A will ensures your assets are distributed as you wish and can include guardianship designations for minor children.

What is the difference between a will and a trust?

A will outlines asset distribution after death, while a trust manages assets for beneficiaries and can offer benefits like tax efficiency.

Can I set up a trust to reduce estate taxes?

Certain trusts can reduce the taxable value of your estate, depending on the type

How often should I review my will and trust?

Review every 3-5 years or after significant life events like marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child.

Do I need an attorney to write a will?

While it's possible to write your own will, professional advice ensures it's legally compliant and effective.

Plan for Tomorrow, Today: Contact us to start your estate planning, ensuring your assets are protected and your wishes are honored. Our team is ready to assist you in securing your legacy and providing peace of mind for your future.

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